Pancreatic Cancer UK (PCUK) #CanCan4PanCan

The alternative title to this project is: How far can you can with very little money and a whole lot of love? Scroll down to see for yourself.

Sadly, a pancreatic cancer diagnosis remains a bleak prognosis, particularly in relation to the broad spectrum of cancers. Lack of funding and awareness are at shocking low levels. The client was looking for a way to utilise their very pro-active supporters to drive awareness of the function of the pancreas. They also wanted to engage a wider audience in conversation about Pancreatic Cancer in a united and optimistic way. We delivered something pretty leftfield.

The tag got 9 million impressions and the video had a broad reach including shares by Lord Sugar and Lorraine Kelly shared the video (a career peak in many ways).

Check out the case study film for more about how the campaign bolstered their engagement and following across social media.

  • Role Lead Creative Producer / Writer & Songwriter / Social Media Strategist
  • For BDA Creative / Pancreatic Cancer UK
  • Type Digital Content (and Comedy Songwriting)
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