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I recently wrote the ident scripts for the partnership between TUI & Sky One. Any Modern Family fans out there will have seen these a million times already. These cheeky little bumpers star Mark Watson, Zoe Lyons, Dan Renton Skinner and Olivia Lee, and can be seen featured in the 30" clip below. They were made to sit alongside a long-form content pieces (the bit underneath) and were produced by MediaCom and directed directed by Gordon Anderson whose directing credits include Fresh Meat, The Inbetweeners and Shameless.

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Below is a concept and script for an ad for Cheerios. They wanted to come out strong as a brand that owns the fact that mornings as a mum are challenging! The client actually went with another idea shakes fists at the heavens but I leave this in here as I love the idea and it's a good example of what it might look like if I write an ad concept and script for you.