I like creating characters. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid and my parents taught me to do voices for animals. I’ve been doing it professionally since I started out as an actor, and later as I developed my career as a playwright. Then more recently, I’ve refined this as an invaluable offering for brands and businesses.

Brands are characters. They have personalities. Every personality has dominant features, traits and preferences. These impact the way they speak.

I also really love getting to know people. So when I’m helping you define your brands tone of voice, I’m just helping you to understand your personality a little better. That way you can make sure you’re being authentic to that character wherever you are.

I look forward to getting to know you a little better. I find tea is always a helpful ally in this endeavour.

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I recently helped Comic Relief redefine their tone of voice, here’s a cheeky little one pager but keep scrolling for the full document.

This document (below) is a little insight into how I work to develop a tone of voice. It’s taken from some work I did recently with a FinTech brand. Of course I’ve removed the brand name because, well, it’s none of your business you cheeky monkey.

I wrote this (joke) product description (below) for a promo stunt by Casumo. It’s currently live on It’s a great example of an arena where a bolshy tone of voice can be just what’s called for.