I offer bespoke practical training and coaching designed to promote playfulness, presence and productivity. Sessions are made up of exercises crafted from my experience in the worlds of theatre, comedy and performance. Participants will leave with a toolbox of skills they can apply uniquely to their objectives. Packages are available in a range of formats, and are focussed towards groups of 8-12 delegates or one-to-one coaching. Rates available on request.

Below you’ll find a list of the most popular offerings at the moment. I find this a useful starting point. You may pick one from the list or I invite you to tell me exactly what your training objectives are so that I can craft a workshop that is bespoke to your business’ needs. If there is a specific niche that you think I might be able to meet with a combination of what you see below, that’s also an option.

  • For Fibre Training, Albany Associates, Masterclass Trust at Theatre Royal Haymarket, National Youth Theatre and The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.
  • Type Bespoke packages available to meet needs as they arise.
Duration: One Day
This training explores the mechanics of writing a great speech through the craft of scriptwriting. It offers a dynamic blend of “sitting down” writing and “on your feet” speaking exercises. This combination gives insight into dissecting and crafting great rhetoric. The workshop demonstrates how to craft a speech centred on the emotional impact we’re creating in an audience. Techniques explored include “psychological units” and “actioning”. PUBLIC SPEAKING: TALKING IN ACTION
Duration: 1⁄2 Day
Public speaking is everyone’s favourite worst nightmare, right? This workshop shows how it’s possible to overcome performance anxiety by focussing on the response we are creating in our audience. It looks at the practicalities of breathing and taking your time, as well as the basics of sight-reading. It also looks at the practical application of “actioning”. It is offered in addition, and independently, to my speechwriting module. RESILIENCE THROUGH COMEDY: YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP
Duration: One Day or 1⁄2 Day
Improv comedy is rooted in two things: fun and uncertainty. The best comedy comes from the unexpected and the same is true in life. This highly playful training explores improv games to discover how we can relearn to play like we’re not aware of the time. It looks at how we need to open up to thrive, and how we shut down when we think we’re failing or under threat (or when we don’t think we’re funny!). It offers plentiful playtime and a toolbox of personal development skills delegates can use to cultivate resilience in their personal and professional lives.