Find out how I can help you write you the speech you’ve always wanted to write. Then find out how I can help you nail the delivery too. Scroll down to find out more, listen to some examples and read the nice things people have said about me.

  • Type One-to-One Service.
  • Clients Include: Yahoo, Sky, RTM & Mediacom
  • Function: Business conference & sales events, Best Man/Woman/Person speeches, tributes & eulogies.

“These feel like my words in a way I wish I could say them. I hope I build a business good enough to work with you for a long time.”
~ Graeme Paxton, Director, Rethink Talent Management

Whether you’re a CEO, a VP or the best BFF in the world, speaking at a conference, trying to impress investors, or at your best friends wedding. I want you to be in your element and your audience to fall in love with you. I write, and more importantly help you to write, speeches that are natural to you. That means they’re written the way you speak and they’re both fun and comfortable for you to deliver.

As a species, our need to connect with one another came before our grasp of language. Instinctively this still stands… We are moved more by how we are communicated with, than the words used to do that.

I work closely with you to explore and create a vision for your speech, before carefully crafting the story, and then creatively guiding you through any blocks to delivery. Sometimes people need me to interview them and draw the speech out of them, sometimes people like to drop a bundle of notes on my desk and challenge me to figure it out. I adjust to the way you work.

Looking at our resistance to public speaking is the perfect dip test to discovering what is presently blocking us in reaching our next stage of evolution.

As a speaker coach, I come from the standpoint that what we resist persists. Looking at what interferes with our desire to put ourselves forward and be heard is meaningful work. Your blocks may be personal, professional or even spiritual. I take an inside out approach, and together we look at the fears and the foibles as well as the nuts and bolts of delivery. We go as deep as you’re interested in enquiring. I’ll be your non-judgemental witness as you realise new ways to progress in your life. I bring a play box of tools and tricks from my experience as an actor, playwright and consciousness adventurer.

“Wow. You’re good.”
~ David Holloway, Founder/CEO Marlin Hawk.

“I don’t usually need help writing however, this was a new kind of event for me as a speaker and Doug pleasantly surprised me. The support came in very useful, he listens well and isn’t afraid to grill you to get to the heart of what it is that you are trying to say or the specific point that you are trying to make. He got me to where I needed to be and to what I wanted to say quickly and with a charm and a sense of humour that worked well for me. It was also a really easy process of sharing ideas and making tweaks to really make it my own. I’d definitely recommend Doug.”

~ Patrick Flannighan, Group HR Operations Director, Sky

Graeme Paxton (Director RTM) speaking at “The Rise of Talent” Event

“Doug completely delivered. He has an incredible technical understanding of scriptwriting and speechwriting. He was smart enough to translate complex, messy conversations into something very digestible and fun. He totally understood our vision and most importantly, we had great fun working with him. I cannot recommend Doug enough and I hope to continue working with him for a very long time.”

~ Lisa Mahoney, Marketing Director, RTM

Patrick Flannighan RTM “The Rise of Talent” Event

"Within minutes of meeting Doug I gave him a brief. I needed a speech for an important business event with a niche set of requirements (that was also part of a colleagues wedding). He really delivered. He's a cracking storyteller who understands a great speech isn't just about the words, but about giving you the tools to rehearse with too."
~ David Holloway, Founder/CEO Marlin Hawk