I love song writing. I’m currently writing some songs around the piano which I hope to record and put up here soon. For now, here’s some of my favourites from projects past.

  • Type Writing (even singing) some songs. Fun.

First up, the song we wrote to support the #CanCan4PanCan song. I created this song with Keith Turner. Yes it includes a rap about the function of the pancreas. Who doesn’t love a niche brief?

Do you think you can can? (aka the CanCan4PanCan Song)

Second, songs taken from my musical “Life Support”, an homage to 90s Brit Pop with some of my best angsty rhymes to date. I wrote all the lyrics and collaborated with my friend Chris Pearse to compose the music. Find out more about the show in the scriptwriting part of my website.

Life Boat (Taken from “Life Support”)

Limp Wristed Boxer (Taken from “Life Support”)

Sand Stallion (Taken from “Life Support”)