The rumours are true. I have made my return to the stage. I swore I was done but just like all the great divas before me who swore the last tour really was their last, I am back. Find details of upcoming gigs (that I’ll inevitably fail to keep up-to-date) below. Fun.

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Find me performing at The Free Association “Harold Night” with my team Long Weekend. Upcoming dates in 2019.

Thursday 10th January
Friday 25th January
Thursday 7th February
Friday 15th February
Friday 28th February
Friday 8th March
Friday 22nd March
Thursday 28th March

You’ll also find me once a month with my other team Hoof at The Taproom, in Islington. Next dates are:

Friday 18th January Hoof @ The Taproom, Upper Street, London
Sunday 27th January Hoof @ Lester City Super Sunday @ The Free Association, De Beauvoir, London

I’m threatening to do some solo gigs. I’m writing the material. I’m practicing it. I’ve got a camp promo pic lined up and ready to go (below). I’m just working on being brave enough to do it. Watch this space. Just keep watching it. It’s art.